Foods you can eat to minimize a hangover

Eating foods loaded with potassium, like bananas, is a good way to minimize a hangover. (Thinkstock)When it hurts to turn your head, bright sunshine seems personally insulting, and you’re feeling a little shaky, you might be regretting that last beer you had the night before.

About 25% to 30% of fortunate individuals don’t feel the dreaded hangover. But for the majority of people who enjoy a few drinks, the morning after can be so unpleasant you might swear off spirits, wine and beer altogether…until the next Saturday night rolls around.

You can’t go back in time to refuse that last round, but there are a few foods that’ll help you get over these hangover symptoms

For dehydration: Potassium-rich fruits

Speaking to The Daily Mail, Mr. Eddie Chaloner of Lewisham Hospital in London, suggests grabbing a banana. They’re easy on the stomach, keep up your blood sugar, and their high-levels of potassium can help alleviate dehydration symptoms. Or if you have it handy, coconut water will also do the trick. Men’s Fitness magazine points out a carton is typically loaded with more potassium than a single banana.

For dry throat: The sweet stuff

Ask Men helpfully notes that if you’re feeling particularly parched, a few tablespoons of plain honey can help soothe a dry throat. Either take it on its own, or add the honey to water or tea.

For low energy: fructose is your friend

Both fruits and fruit juice contain fructose, a sugar that can help recharge your body. Men’s Health notes that fruit also contains fibre, which can “help your body in breaking down and absorbing the remains of last night’s beers.”

For an uneasy stomach: Get scrambled or sunny-side up

Is it any wonder why so many brunch dishes depend on eggs? How Stuff Works suggests that heading to your favourite diner after a night out may be a good idea after all. Eggs contain lots of cysteine, “the substance that breaks down the hangover-causing toxin acetaldehyde in the liver's easily depleted glutathione.” And as Men’s Fitness notes, protein-rich eggs are also easy to swallow if you’re stomach still hasn’t completely settled.

Either way, if you find yourself full of regret after painting the town red, it’s good to take preventative measures: try to make time for meals and snacks, alternate drinks with water and know your limits. 

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