Man does push-ups while solving Rubik’s cube --- and other awesome feats of strength

Some men are lucky enough to be graced with both brains and brawn.

Known solely by his YouTube username, Latissimus65 has posted a number of fitness-related videos online. But a recent clip of the man combining physical and mental feats (doing one armed push-ups while solving a Rubik's cube in under a minute) has taken off online.

The Post Game lauded the man's awesome multi-tasking skills. See for yourself:

The strongman cites "lifting and cubing" as his main hobbies. But he's not the only one whose cube tricks have gone viral.

David Calvo managed to solve the confounding and colourful 3-D puzzle while juggling two additional Rubik's cubes. After uploading his video to YouTube last October, he's attracted more than a million viewers.

Other surprising combinations of physical coordination and fun tricks?

Earlier this year, the Huffington Post reported Joe Salter of Florida completed a triathlon while juggling the entire time. He only dropped the ball three times — while swimming the backstroke. Salter completed the grueling quarter-mile swim, 16.2-mile bike race and 4-mile run in just under two hours.

The accomplishment earned Salter the Triathlon Juggling World Record (and the honour of being the first person to juggle while completing an entire triathlon).

Most of us would be proud to just make it across the finish line of a triathlon, nevermind the extra frills.

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