Three clothing items every man should throw out

Marky Ramone sporting too tight skinny jeans. This is how "not" to wear them. (Getty)

Most people have a few unfortunate items lurking in the backs of their closets: those pleated pants that might come back in style, that Bill Cosby-esque sweater that’s perfect for freezing weather. Chances are, most men have a few wardrobe pieces that shouldn’t see the light of day as often as they do.

These fashion horrors deserve to be banished from every man’s regular rotation:

The obscene jeans

Men’s denim has become more fitted as skinny jeans have been embraced by both sexes and the curious phenomenon of meggings ­(men’s leggings) have taken men’s pants to tighter and tighter places.  But this isn’t always a good thing. Skin-tight jeans are not sexy, regardless of how much Russell Brand may enjoy wearing them. The UK edition of Glamour magazine called super-tight skinny jeans on dudes “disturbing” and one of the worst fashion trends ever. It’s a too ‘80s to seem current and leaves too little to the imagination.

The runner up: Just as bad, but not nearly as traumatizing, are mom jeans for men. As describes, the jeans tend to be high-wasted and loose (and favoured by politicians trying to look like regular folk).

The not-so-funny T-shirt

No man above the age of 15 should ever wear a novelty shirt with some sort of “joke” emblazoned on the front. Usually, these types of tees tend to have some sort of frat-boy humour or slogan about women, sex or beer. Nothing will repel people faster than a shirt that says “FBI – Federal Bikini Inspector.” Or as puts it, women “would prefer to vomit rather than see one more shirt that says something condescending in a less than clever, not so witty way.” 

The runner-up: Extra-extra-extra big clothes were highlighted by Ask Men as a major faux-pas.  If there’s one mantra that every man should repeat while shopping for clothes it’s “fitted looks best.” That doesn’t mean you need to show off every contour of your pecs, but a good shirt shouldn’t leave you swimming in excess material.

The sandal scandal

Summer fashion can be especially hard for men to navigate. Ask Men put together a long list of men’s fashion don’ts for summer and the thin-strapped Euro-style “mandal” hasn’t been embraced off the continent. The Mirror argues that few men outside of Europe can pull off the “effortlessly cool” combo of leather sandals with chinos. went even further, suggesting the look suffered from “man-foot TMI.”

The runner-up: Flip-flops tend to be reviled outside of sand and swimming contexts (both The Mirror and Ask Men have advised against the form of footwear). However, the Well-dressed Man blog argues a pair is fine for summer, so long as you’re willing to invest in a good pedicure. 

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