What never to say to your girlfriend or wife

Lads, don't make the following mistakes when talking to your girlfriend. (Thinkstock)Chances are if your girlfriend suddenly goes quiet and claims, “It’s fine,” you messed up. While all couples rub each other the wrong way once in awhile, there are a number of conversational blunders you can avoid.

If you’re sleeping on the couch or she’s not returning your messages, it may be because you stepped on one of these verbal minefields.

Leave your past GFs in the past

Too many comments comparing a former flame to your current beau will not go well. As Ask Men points out, references to how your ex cooked a certain dish or was particularly skilled at working that kink out of your neck will only lead to questions of whether you’re over her. Though don’t go too far in the other direction: constantly criticizing the woman you used to date will hardly come off as mature.

The least relaxing word is….

“Relax.” Men’s Life Today outlined the infuriating little word’s close cousins, “chill” and “calm down.” If said when arguing, or whenever emotions are running high, it sounds hugely dismissive. In other words, “relax” is kind of a verbal eye-roll that tells your girlfriend her being upset is unimportant and unjustifiable.

That time of the month

No period references – full stop. Okay, so PMS can be a time of copious chocolate consumption and emotional upheaval. But that doesn’t mean a woman’s anger or frustration is forever tied to her cycle. Suggesting “it must be that time of the month” not only sounds super retrograde, but it’s even more dismissive than “relax” since it sounds like the lady doesn’t have a legitimate reason for being frustrated.

"It's up to you."

Men’s Health rightfully warned against over-using this innocuous little phrase. “Most men wouldn't dream of looking at their wife or girlfriend and saying, ‘You know what? I just don't care.’” And that’s what the very phrase suggests – you’re checked out and not terribly interested in the relationship.

Sister slagging

Outlining the problems you have with your girlfriend’s friend (even if we do sometimes vent about our comrades) won’t do you any good. Ask Men notes calling her bestie the b-word is always a mistake, even if you don’t get along. “Girls develop a special brand of loyalty usually only found in soldiers or abused dogs.”

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