Worst gifts to get her for Christmas

Gift cards along with jewelery in a small box are among the worst gifts to get her for Christmas. (Thinkstock)Navigating the mall during the holiday season can be a headache, but getting your girl an underwhelming or just plain wrong gift can lead to a totally different kind of pain.

If you’re about to wrap up any of these duds, you may want to dig up that receipt.

Gift cards

Though they’re practical and you could score you a few points for remembering her favourite store, gift cards are so impersonal. They’re best left for those awkward workplace gift exchanges when you’re at a loss as to what to give that dude from accounting that you’ve only spoken to twice. Gift cards lack not only imagination, but effort too. If you can pick it up in a gas station, it doesn’t exactly say, “You’re special to me.”

A four-legged friend

Even if your girlfriend or wife religiously forwards you cute cat videos, it’s foolish to put a kitten or puppy under the tree if you haven’t had a thorough discussion on getting a pet. If it needs to be house-trained, it’s a big commitment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. As the Ottawa Humane Society points out, "A pet is for life, not just for Christmas."   


Be honest: getting your lady a sexy slip or negligee is more for you than it is for her. It’s generally a good idea to stay away from unmentionables. Women have very specific taste when it comes to lingerie and getting her the wrong size or something racier than she’s comfortable wearing can send the wrong message. It’s even worse when the underwear itself says a message. Esquire pinpoints the grossest offenders, novelty thongs with statements such as “desperate housewife” and “gold digger” embossed on them.


The opposite of the novelty thong, a wearable blanket suggests your lady-friend has given up on life – and you know it. Not even the couture version is a good idea.

Jewelry in a small, significant box

Match.com wrote about this offender when discussing Valentine’s Day presents, but as many couples get engaged in the snow and mistletoe season, consider this warning. “The biggest jewelry mistake a man can make is anything in a ring-size box — be it earrings, a pendant, or a 1 oz. tube of saffron — that’s not, in fact, an engagement ring.” If it’s early on in the relationship, she’ll freak. And if she’s been dropping hints about tying the knot, she’ll be let down, no matter how shiny those earrings may be.

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