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TV in No Time

  1. 1:42

    ‘Today’ Surprises Ellie Kemper With Motherly Love

  2. 1:55

    'Live with Kelly and Michael' Interrupted By Buzzing Alarm

  3. 1:46

    John Oliver Points Out Transgender Community Still Treated Unfairly

  4. 1:32

    Tracee Ellis Ross Didn't Look Like She Wanted To Introduce Chris Brown and Tyga

  5. 1:48

    Donald Trump Says He Willingly Left 'The Apprentice'

  6. 1:42

    John Oliver's Leap Second Plans

Top 10s

Yahoo News with Katie Couric

  1. 2:30

    Get to know Chris Christie

  2. 0:35

    Hulk soccer star sends goalkeeper through the net

  3. 0:27

    Tourist finds himself looking down the barrel of a Queen’s Guard’s rifle

  4. 0:46

    New sport “Bubble Soccer” bursts onto the scene.

  5. 0:30

    Robots are now getting married

  6. 2:07

    Cruz: Justice Roberts "violating his oath of office"