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Tera Free 2 Play Announcement

Tera Free 2 Play Announcement
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Shopkeeper fights off thief with champagne bottle

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Tera Free 2 Play Announcement

by Gamezone 3:57 mins

Tera Free 2 Play Announcement

by Gamezone 3:57 mins

Eve Schmitt, Executive Product Director, talks about the changes coming to TERA. She talks about how TERA is going free 2 play and will be accessible to anyone and everyone. They got rid of the subscription free so simply more players could enjoy their product. For this MMO to service, it needs a massive player base to strive; especially the PVP and political system. New players won’t be... (http://www.gamezone.com/news/2013/01/09/tera-rising-s-free-to-play-announcement-trailer-released)

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