‘Top Shots’ of the Day

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‘Top Shots’ of the Day

‘Top Shots’ of the Day
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Juggler Attaches GoPro to Juggling Pin

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‘Top Shots’ of the Day

by The Insider 1:47 mins

‘Top Shots’ of the Day

by The Insider 1:47 mins

“omg! Insider’s” Michael Yo breaks down the day’s best celebrity photos, and you don’t want to miss these snapshots!

Editor's Picks

Editor's Picks

  1. 0:22

    Juggler Attaches GoPro to Juggling Pin

  2. 1:58

    "Matrix-style" Fire Breathing

  3. 1:31

    Man gets creative to walk through flooded garden

  4. 0:45

    Drone captures insane gridlock on 50-lane Chinese motorway

  5. 3:16

    Amazing flyboarding show marks National Day in China

  6. 2:36

    Time lapse: Breathtaking nature compilation

TV in No Time

  1. 1:29

    Brie Larson Leaves Jimmy in Stitches on 'Tonight Show'

  2. 1:34

    Colbert Tackles Dartmouth Dummy

  3. 2:12

    Ellen Unites Jessie J and Viral Duet Singer

  4. 1:14

    Rachel Maddow Reluctantly Reveals Which GOP Candidate She'd Vote for if Forced

  5. 1:47

    Why is Everyone Drinking on 'Scandal?'

  6. 1:32

    Ellen Squashes Kim Kardashian ‘Difficult’ Rumors

The Insider

  1. 2:19

    Kool & the Gang Dish on New Artists Keeping Their Music ‘Fresh’

  2. 3:01

    Selena Gomez Makes Shocking Lupus Revelation in ‘Billboard’ Magazine

  3. 2:49

    Kerri Russell and Scott Foley Reunite (in Bed) for ‘EW’ ‘Felicity’ Photo Shoot

  4. 2:40

    What’s at Stake for Bill Cosby in Friday’s Testimony?

  5. 1:54

    Watch Neil Patrick Harris and His Adorable Twins Start Their Morning on the Right Note

  6. 1:23

    Ariana Grande Kisses Gal Pal Elizabeth Gillies