Tourist Jailed For Forgetting Wallet

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Tourist Jailed For Forgetting Wallet

Tourist Jailed For Forgetting Wallet
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Tourist Jailed For Forgetting Wallet

by Broken News Daily 2:01 mins


Tourist Jailed For Forgetting Wallet

by Broken News Daily 2:01 mins


An Italian tourist forgot his wallet and landed in jail. Ok, he actually forgot his wallet after ordering $208 worth of food at high-end New York steakhouse, Smith & Wollensky. When he realized his mistake, Graziano Graziussi offered to leave his iPhone as collateral. Then he asked a busboy to accompany him to his hotel to get the money. However, the Steakhouse still called the cops. Probably, yelling something like “…if you wanted compromise you should have eaten at Applebees!"

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